An Inconclusive Diagnosis

So recently I was very sick. I developed these agonizing headaches that just wouldn’t go away. No matter what I did, they stayed. I have a history of migraines so I know what they are like. I have had them for many years as a result of the side effects of my medication. They come once a month, I stay in a dark room, get rid of anything with a screen or light and sleep it off. But these weren’t migraines. They were not going anywhere. The headaches were like a constant. I slept, ate, existed and worked through them. When the doctors asked me if this felt like the regular migraines. I said to them, of course not. I would know if there were, right? Sometimes I had a few hours off work, other ti

Milano, Quintessentially, Yours

My friend, Ijay and I spent three months trying to figure out where we were headed for a long weekend. We had never been to Milan. I had suggested Sicily but on second thought, we were only meant to be gone for a long weekend. 3 nights seemed more appropriate for Milan than Sicily. My blog about Sicily will tell you that I needed to spend longer than a long weekend there. I knew this trip was going to be a little soulless, perhaps less adventurous and matter of fact, more of an elegant indulgence with the city. But it was fine; we just wanted an excuse for a jaunt to a European capital to celebrate belated birthdays. The long weekend was anticipated to be a fusion of culture, exploring trend

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