A Letter From My 8 Year Old

A letter from my 8 year old self Few months ago, I met Julia Cameron. She asked me to write a letter to myself from my 8 year old and my 80 year old. I have never had to think of doing something so simple yet so incredibly hard in my life but I did both (on ink and paper) and I posted it in the mail to myself. The one that particularly made me cry and feel so many emotions was doing one from my 80 year old self. It was a few reams of paper and I have decided to keep it personal for now. Maybe one day, I will have the courage to type it and share some excerpts of the letter. Dear June Look at you. You are such a pale little pretty, skinny girl. So fragile yet so strong. So it’s impor

Loch Tay Highland Lodges; Summer in Scotland

This time last year, summer of 2018, I was glamping in Scotland and had a terrific long weekend with my Scottish family, ‘glamping’. I was treated with love and a warm welcome to the southern edges of the Highlands of Perthshire- an area famed for its dramatic green and naturally-manicured mountains, a worthy escape to the glens and lochs, ancient castles and unspoiled nature. With fascinating road trips exploring some distinctive cultural venues and countryside towns whilst soaking in the breathtaking coastal views of the Tay. My lungs has taken in the freshest air it’s had in a very long time and of course I drank softer water. It was phone, laptop, social media, work, calls, make

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