Jersey; The Unique Small Chanel Island, neighbours to England

A remarkable island getaway with Mica and I apparently has made a highlight of 2019. My headspace had been a little too clouded with conflicting life priorities, endless work, and a sense of regret stemming from taking on a (what I thought was a promising) new role outside London. So in full gear with life, it was a much needed little break. And this would have been my first break since the Caribbean in January which has seemed like a lifetime ago. It’s not tropical weather in Jersey but the climates tend to be generally milder than most of Europe whether its Winter, Spring or Summer. The Bailiwick of Jersey; A channel island, I flirted with for 3 days. As a super Francophile, I think

Where the Wildings @?

“May I please I get a return to the end of the high street ”
The line which had become my lucid chorus to the bus drivers each morning. An eventual broken record. In London, my ‘Oyster’ tells the driver all and nothing. Through Kendal Avenue and beyond I am circled by rurality and farmlands Taylor’s ‘Sad Beautiful Tragic’ in tune Perfectly paired to complement this actuality . Fogged by faces of white middle class English folk Larded by luxury cottage homes, secure within private roads and gated communities. Perfectly quaint front lawns Colourful garden porches stretching an average of 30 metres beyond front doors Filled with curious spells My obsession for mewses rather loud As my a

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