Enda Walsh’s ‘Rooms’ At the Barbican

I booked to go to this one alone and have just spent 2 hrs after work at the Barbican. It’s been fascinating to experience for the very first time, a poetic series of 5 rooms delivered in the context of theatre. The 5 rooms consisted of a kitchen, a hotel room, an office room, 33a, a girl’s room and a bathroom. In all 5, were accounts of poetic (and prosaic) series of the 5 characters. Our theatre host would confine the 6 of us in each room as we listened to voices of solitude, loneliness, accounts of day to day stories, and proses of life. The production was basically an immersive theatre installation of sound, light and darkness. This creative was developed by Enda Walsh and narrated

Martell Cognac; Spring Sensations

In April 2017, my friend invited me to the Sea Containers, formerly Mondrian Hotel in Southbank, London for dinner. As I finished off my desert and my last gulp of wine, I was approached by a member of staff who told me that there was a Cognac Masterclass including a tasting session upstairs. I told him I was keen but he managed to convince me and subsequently handed me a keycard to the suite where the event was taking place. I went up to the hotel suite and was welcomed warmly. After a show round the various sample flavours, the bar, and some great collections, I relaxed to enjoy a few tasting shots with some quality macaroons. Life is about experiences especially when spontaneity leads. It

Glasgow's Spring Jaunts and My Mentoring Programme

It all started with Dr Kaya, consultant hematologist writing a draft abstract following the completion of the mentoring evaluation report developed last year by my colleagues and I. The initial report showed that the children and young people we mentored had a general reduction in using hospital services and infact had less sickle crisis during the period of mentoring. Dr Kaya supported us with the clinical data for the evaluation as the scope was only for young people who had been cared for at the Royal London Hospital. Dr Kaya submitted the abstract to the British Society for Hematology and it was accepted as an innovative model of care to be showcased at the national conference in 2019 i

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