If I dare say, it was the loneliest of times The best of times, the worse of age, the best of laugh, a situation of choice, a step closer to my haven. My deadpan heart I embraced it all We glanced at jealousy At paranoia An ugly picture of an improbably fate. I begged internal factors Please keep your claws off my man My recollections of about a century of weeks ago where I walked into the store of greatness and I found him in the isle of whipped cream and luxury In shades of light I picked him up He was heavy as I had him sit in the bags of my burdens He weighed so much in qualities and yes I paid for what had become my (his) excess baggage With an existing burden of proof I tr

My quest for Rih’s history: Happy Birthday Robyn Rihanna Fenty

It was our penultimate night in Barbados after 3 weeks of island hopping in the Caribbean. As you may imagine, with major holiday blues at this stage and a lingering sense of irritation resulting from an incident with our hotel the previous night, I packed our bags grudgingly probably hesitantly, not looking forward to returning to England. Neil’s in the adjoining room emptying the safe to pack the gadgets, travel docs and all things saved. A thought springs to mind on how we could spend our last day in Barbados. “Babs, please when you have a moment, could you have a look at the pages of Lonely Planet, see if there are things we haven’t done in Bridgetown. Perhaps we can do something t

The Master and Catherine; Hans von Kulmbach and his works for Krakow; The Artist’s Dialogue

June: Hi, how are you? Artist: (with a lovely smile) Good, thanks, how are you? June: I am well, thanks. Having a little tour round the museum. It’s great. Some good medieval stuff.  Artist; (pauses painting with brush in one hand to make conversation) Yes! Is this your first time in Krakow? June: Yes it is. I love it. Its really pretty especially with all the lights round the square and the markets, it has a lovely feel of Christmas -  but it’s freezing cold. Anyway, we have had a grand time though. What are you painting? Looks familiar. Artist: Yes, it looks familiar because you have probably walked past it a moment ago, its the “Beheading of St Catherine” I am recreating it.

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