My Icelandic Pre-Christmas Experience; Reykjavik

It was just before midnight as we peered into the absolute bleak of darkness. We beheld the lights in layers of glory of shades of green and lavender north of the arctic skies and pinkish red, westerly. Common Reykjavík, enchant me with a combination of white snow that decks this city with twinkling lights and northern lights. What more could be so Christmas-sy! Northern Lights... It was the sole reason we came to Iceland and of course to experience the concept of the Blue Lagoon which I will not even bother to explain. It’s one of those ones for first-hand experience. …………………… I mean who wants to be an Icelandic tourist in the middle of winter in -1 million temperatures? It was now past mid

San Marino; Italy’s little hidden gem

One of the things I enjoy about travelling is meeting people. ................. I and the girls ran to our coaches when we were told we were on the wrong side of the train. We could have easily missed our train by 5 seconds. When I run, I laugh. It’s a thing. Because I feel I look stupid running 😆 But it was even funnier watching Carol and Mica run and as I write this, I am still laughing. Everyone clutching at the same time to their wigs, bags, maxi dresses, sunglasses just to make it to that carriage we where we were assigned seats. Anyway we boarded our train (thankfully) from Bologna to Rimini, panting and laughing hysterically. Make up relativity in tact. We sat right opposit

Bon Appetit; My top French Restaurants in London 2018

Last year, I made it a personal obligation to eat more French food in London given that in 2018 I was too unwell to make my usual annual trip to the South of France or anywhere (I had planned) for that matter. So here are my top 5 French restaurants in London for 2018 1. Les 110 de tailevent, Marylebone What makes this restaurant so bloody amazing is the exquisite menu and the extensive wine list of 110 different wines. This Michelin starred restaurant is located in Paris and also serves a branch in London Marylebone which has meant that die hard Francophiles as myself could be treated to the finest of cuisines in London. Each food course on the menu is picked specially by the glass for

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