The model I created will be a lasting legacy

In August 2017, the NHS commissioned myself and 2 other amazing humans I work with (through the national charity) to design and develop a model of care that is primarily focused on mentoring children and young people (C&YP) between the ages of 10-24 living with sickle cell. It was commissioned specifically in the boroughs of City of London and Hackney. For someone who thrives on change, my life choices and goals have been primarily my responsibility but I know I have a significant indecisive personality when it comes to taking major risks or making a difficult decision. So often times, when I am faced with major ambivalence, I would prefer people I trust (mentors if you like) to make those

Anticipated Cycle of Stars

I am shades of midnight, shards of the same galaxy collapsed and contrasted to tiny little balls that grow like eggs not subsumed by Mars quakes. I am faulty genes, x-rays, heart scans, and red cells insufficient. I am sexuality in a world yet to be explored by I and me. I am a jar of dry camomile leaves turning to shades of sunlight spreading over the river leaving spaces for evening lights. I am petals of the stars waned to the fragrance of flowers travelling with wanderlust from world to world. I am insights from colours of black, white, golden, everything. I am a sanctuary of solitude, edging on certainty. I am the oscillation between feeling brilliant at birthing my art and really quite

Frida; 'Making Herself Up'

All the way from her home, the ‘Blue House’ in Mexico, we are presented at the V&A with Frida Kahlo’s life reflected in her personal belongings. One of the most recognized female artists of the 20th century. I mirror many of this woman’s experiences specifically around her health issues. Sometimes I feel like I have travelled through a journey with her. ............................................................................................... I read her biography in 2015, a book my friend Mark got me as a birthday present “Frida”, a biography written by Hayden Herrera. He begged me to read it and I am glad I did. I watched “Frida”, a biopic drama many years ago played so well by Salma H

Spring and its seasonal highlights; Kew Gardens

It was exactly a week ago, we walked into the Princess of Wales Conservatory. Look at what we were surrounded with. Colour, warmth, tropical gardens, history of 21st century horticulturists, modern plant hunters, poison frogs in aquariums and man made exhibition of orchids. I even giggled in the Palm house when I saw the African Palm Tree that produces palm oil. My mouth watered for home made Nigerian food, cooked with fresh palm oil.

We hopped on the train from West Hampstead. We, being my cousin, brother and I.
It took us 2 hours door to door to get there. As part of my improvement to a healthier and improved wellbeing, I had decided to be more in contact with nature. Notwithstanding, it

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