A special on Galle; the Dutch colony of Sri Lanka- highlighting culture experiences, cricket and tea

Around this time last year, we had travelled extensively to South Asia, the Indian Ocean to be specific. 2 countries and several islands. It was a planned trip with a combination of beach culture and city wanderlust: a perfect balance for a 3 week holiday. From the metropolis capital city of Colombo, we left the invigorating and bustling urban city to Kandy, known as the precious jewel and hill country of Sri Lanka, through to Sigirya, the ancient town of the rock/8th wonder of the world and home to legends dating back to the 5th C, then farther to Dambulla, home to the fascinating Buddhist cave temples, pushing down to Nuara Eliya, often known as “little England” and the tea plantation, rou

Spring in the Balkans; 5 cities and 3 countries

Don’t they say take-off and landing are the most important times of flying? Its where my safety lens becomes heightened to a real mode of super anxiety, vulnerability and the acceptance of whatever happens, happens. After watching  "Sully”, the Hudson river crash incident, I never underestimate the importance of paying attention to safety procedures even when I fly for the umpteenth time. I think I am developing a phobia for flying. To think I have spent an incredible amount of my adult life on air and in planes makes it even more frightening. So there, we take-off at Gatwick North Terminals, soared over Holland, Belgium, Germany, and Austria flying 35000 feet above sea level as we made our

Wanderlust, naps and serenity in a Provence Beaux village...

Around 25 months ago, I was in the Antibes with a friend. When I am in the southern region of France, I crave to explore places that awaken my sense of reverie. It’s grown to be my favourite place in the world. I try to go every year. I travelled for 2 weeks. So on the Saturday, 2 days before our departure, because I am a hopeless nomad, I left my friend behind in Juan Les Pins and I decided to go on a solo trip to Lot et-Garonne in Duras. I don’t drive so I called a driver, I didn’t pack an overnight bag but I had a small essentials travel kit in my handbag and my grandpa’s blanket which I always travel with - I just got into the car and left. It was a long drive - around 670km over a 5ish

Portugal's Finest - The Unfound Fishing Town of Olhao

I woke and muttered to myself 'Ola June' It’s Friday, 23rd January 2015, and I have RESFEBER (the restless race of a traveller's heart before the journey begins. when anxiety and anticipation are entangled together; it’s a travel's fever that could manifest as an illness) but I am not ill because it’s my first European jaunt this year. I am actually euphoric because I found myself later that day in Porto!(Portugal). As I haven't really scratched the surface of Southern Europe, this destination seemed like a warm-ish location to spend a long weekend in the middle of winter. I tend to find any excuse to travel. Any! It’s one thing I can confidently say drives me to be an opportunist. Travelli

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