Someone's Turkish Experience

An Istanbul Diary Sat Day 1 Arrived jet lagged having got up at 1am to get an early flight from Heathrow on Turkish Airlines.
Stayed at hotel on the other side of the airport – 45 minute journey into the centre (using the metrobus and metro)
Evening = got a Istanbul ‘oystercard’ and went to Sultanahmet Square and had dinner at a rooftop restaurant overlooking the blue mosque. Sun Day 2 Visited the Tourist information Centre at Sultanahmet Square and visited the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia Museum. Had Turkish tea and coffee in the café opposite the Blue Mosque. Went to see the whirling dervishers at Hodjapasha. Mon Day 3 Visited the travelagent at Cemberlitas to find the prices for day trip

This Potrait; National Potrait Gallery, London

On 15 April 1870 William Morris wrote to his wife Janey (who at the time was having an affair with Dante Gabriel Rossetti), 'I am going to sit to Watts this afternoon, though I have got a devil of a cold-in-the-head, which don't make it very suitable.' Perhaps a combination of the cold and his depression at the failure of his marriage accounts for the slightly rheumy look of his portrait. According to Mrs Watts, it was painted at a single sitting, although it is possible that Watts may have done more work on it when it was exhibited in 1880. Otherwise, there is singlularly little contemporary comment on it, apart from a later and well judged remark by G.K. Chesterton that 'There is something

Girls Go Gucci; a delightful florentine experience

This was our penultimate day in Tuscany after 6 nights of traveling around diverse Tuscan regions ranging from exploring the vineyards of Chianti, leaning to Pisa to see the iconic Leaning Tower, driving through Lucca, lodging in a gorgeous Tuscan villa in Siena and of course not without touring the ultimate, phenomenal city of Florence. So here we are in Florence after a day of wanderlust, soaking up the beauty of this wonderful city of art, romanticism and renaissance. Next door to the Uffizi Gallery is...Gucci. So the Girls Go Gucci! Speak about spontaneity. We buy tickets and opt for a taste of florentine culture at the Gucci Garden Musee, strolling round the minimalist exhibiti

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