For Emma Lenden: An Ode to a Cornish Bird

31.08.2018 Behind her smile lies courage Underneath her strength is a journey unending Her love blooms Her soul dreamy It’s the combination of her beauty and her wisdom that makes her so unassuming She is her own catalyst Her energy, magnetic A desire for eternity in her world I loved “ A day in June” It made me cry, you cried too. Ours will be a day and forever M will randomly text to say “I love you’ Her heart so genuine Her laughter infectious Her banter And this inclination to just be appropriately lewd Splashes bubbles of joy An old soul Vintage girl The romanticist She is Arty farty A.F (no pun intended) Holds an empire of class A measure of wit Ambit

This extraordinary literal and figurative link between Vienna & Venice

‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ the movie. The movie actually drew my attention to the concept of this story. I love everything ‘arty’- from independent cinema, to arty films, to Woody Allen’s antics, paintings, artistic provocateurs, theatrics, jazz, neo-soul, stage and art creativity, foreign movies, travel, poetry, book culture, French vintage, shabby chic interior. The list could go on and on. Studying English Lit has naturally formed me into becoming a story teller and a sucker for art, creativity and romance. I draw life’s inspiration from the phenomenon of art. ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ was released in 2003 and directed by Audrey Wells. I generally think men are iconic directors. However, on this

London Town; A day and a half one weekend

It hit me this morning and I realised I probably do not need the Timeout magazine on Tuesday mornings to know how great this City is, or to appreciate the little pleasures this City brings me. Friday’s hot breakfast at Hawksmoor, City of London, usually occupied by the “usuals’ – these dapper-dressed bankers of which I have personal opinions about. Have you seen the movie ‘The Big Short’? That’s one for another day. Tagged as “The Best Power Breakfast in London” where the menu reads …”For breakfast, think an enormous Full English (for 2 to share), Sausage & Egg Hk Muffins, Bloody Marys and a host of other Anti-fogmatics, along with lots of options for people with smaller (and dare we say he

Horse riding over Saturday’s flowers…

Saturday morning of 7th May 2016. I resumed horse riding at the Lea Valley horse riding centre in Leyton. I was anxious and didn’t know what to expect as the last time I rode a horse was when I was little. Dad used to take us every weekend. So really, it felt anew. But I was excited and proud of myself for taking the leap to at least book the class and show up, seeing that the Gemini in me is quick to move on to the next exciting thing . I have been wanting to learn to ride and become an independent rider for most of my adult life. This one tiny moment of accomplishment overthrew me when I mounted my horse, Dylan, as I gave him a nice gentle kick with both legs, took a walk with him, trottin

The Reality of Heimlich’s Invention

We walked through the corridor to his office. He had visited Bordeaux. I asked him how his holiday was and he told me other than the attack in Nice that week, he had a grand time. We all love France. But then he said in a quick blurt, almost in a bid not let his memory forget this life changing event he was about to tell me. ‘June, something incredible happened’. Right, ok. What? Apparently, he was having lunch in a busy outdoor restaurant when he noticed this man performing the most ‘horrendous’ method of the Heimlich manoeuvre with his hands wrapped around this woman’s upper torso.. I couldn't imagine choking on a piece of French made steak. She had choked on a piece of steak. The man was

Diary of a Mad Black Londoner

7am alarm goes off! It’s the 4th time I am hysterically screaming at my existence at this point. 6.15 6.30 6.45 7.00 rings with a louder reminder & title which says “Fucking wake now”! I am the only reason, I may be the only human being on the face of the earth who sets her alarm to go off 4 times. I am not quite sure that sentence made any sense but there you go! I spend 5 mins trying to feel my legs on earth. Up and I activate robot girl mode. I grab my apple cider vinegar flavoured water. Gulp one Gulp two Butter out of the fridge Two slices in toaster Boil two eggs Shower Set breakfast Put the nespresso machine on Spend the next ten years finding what to wear. How have I become so disorg

Summer and Polo; a 2018 first

It has been a difficult weekend. Emotions all over the place. But I have had an overwhelming flow of messages of love and compassion from my siblings, my partner, you guys, and a lot of my friends. And that’s what life is about... That we maintain an ongoing legacy of showing kindness to each other. But while I grieve one friend that has been tragically taken away from me, I also want to continue to love and appreciate those who are here... So thank you Mica for making what could have been a miserable weekend, a lovely one. Because all I did before you arrived was cry uncontrollably and my poor partner would hold me tight in silence. His heart breaking, seeing me in tears. Mica drove down al

Preserving the History of Sickle Cell in Britain

12th April 2018 This evening I was interviewed by a historian for 2hrs. We met at the meeting room of the history department at UCL off Warren Street. She is currently doing her doctorate at UCL. Her work is funded by the Wellcome Trust and UCL specifically around research using oral history methods in ‘Preserving the History of Sickle Cell in Britain dating to the 1950s’. People such as myself will tell their stories. Mine dating from the 80s. I enjoyed talking to her. I asked her “why sickle”? She told me wished she had a more exciting and convincing response about why she chose to look at sickle cell. She didn’t. She subsequently explained that there was no specific intention until she wa

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