Nothing beats feet

On Wednesday, 29th March, I had the last of 4 FREE sessions of reflexology treatments carried out successively over an 8 week period. The sessions were offered to me by Denise, my lovely and very expert reflexologist. She is expert and I will tell you why shortly. In very simple terms, reflexology is the therapy of the feet. According to the Association of Reflexologists, Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy, based on the theory that different points on the feet,lower leg, hands, face or ears correspond with different areas of the body. So basically one's entire anatomy can be reflected on one's feet via reflexology. This year, I have had quite a few 'firsts' and exper

Dejavu 2017 and others; the captivating art of Lisa Yuskavage

Yesterday I matched to my favourite hang out spot in London - Mayfair, home to the most affluent of society. I went to go see a gallery exhibition which I had read about earlier in the week on Timeout London. I had never heard of Lisa Yuskavage and saw the synopsis of her work was being exhibited at the David Zwirner gallery both in London, Grafton street and in New York. Of course, as a lover of art and culture, I decided to jaunt to Mayfair to see what she is about. American Lisa Yuskavage's work was captivating. There was a private view at the gallery on 6th June and then became open to the public from 7th June to 28th July. There will be a guided tour of the actual exhibition on Mayfair

Nocturnal Animals

After watching Mark Kermode's review last week, I decided I was going to go see 'Nocturnal Animals' a production by Smoke House Pictures (part owned by George Clooney). Some of the reasons being, I absolutely adore Tom Ford, not just for his fashion and artistic brilliance but also the prolific excellence at his 'shot' in making movies. His debut production 'A Single Man' was one of the finest movies I had seen in cinema in 2009. My initial thoughts was to see NA at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill which is where I go, when I anticipate an orgasmic movie reaction led by intuitional inclined reviews. The one exception recently, was Jennifer Lawrence's 'Joy'. But timings weren't great last

Colour Photographs: 1977-1988

Yesterday, I matched to Mayfair to see an exhibition which popped up in my inbox a few weeks ago. I was in need for a wee bit of art. So we went to the Beetles and Huxley art gallery in Mayfair to see the 'Colour Photographs' exhibition . Ah, may I add that some of the finest places and things in London are free. It was free! From Virginia, to Oregon, to Washington, Vermont, Texas, Connecticut, this is a look at the American photographer Joel Sternfeld's works 'Colour Photographs: 1977-1988' when Sternfeld jumped in a VW camper with his 8x10 inch camera and hit the road, aiming to capture a complex vision of America. Some vintage dye transfer and chromogenic prints which combine excellent co


Looking through my Facebook Timeline this evening after a crazy 2nd day at work, I came across this travel piece by the Telegraph. |The world's best countries to visit - Travel Honestly, it has left me feeling very proud and even more content with my life at the moment. The opportunity and honour to see some of the most beautiful countries in the world is the greatest gift I have given myself. Travel is a means of investment and wealth in my life. It's my continuous education process after leaving the world of academia. Travel stems from my hunger to know, learn, see the world through other people's eyes and cultures.

The 'Purple' Legend And All Colours Great

10 years after his ‘21 nights’, fragments of his legacy are being exhibited in the same place he was staged... The O2 Arena, London. I spent the morning with my buh exploring this man's legendary. The one and only PRINCE! It’s been a great opportunity today to see everything this legend represented in one space and even better, to behold the ‘Purple Taylor’ guitar he performed with at the ‘Prince MTV Unpluged’ (YouTube it) It was moving, poignant, incredibly phenomenal, and an eye opener to absolute legendary. There were tears, sing-alongs, laughter and there was dance. A really amazing highlight to spend the last day of 2017 and of course with my buh 😍 who has been lucky to see him four ti

Flaming June; an elusive piece of art

Sunday afternoon, a bit nippy in London but indeed lovely sunny afternoon. Neil and I opt to go into Kensington to see the exhibition 'Flaming June' at the Leighton House Museum. We walked through Holland Park pathways revering in nature and fresh greenery. The park filled with a sense of London's autumnal season of leaves falling and fallen. Entry for non-concessions is £12. Leighton House, quite a small museum (just the way I like it) was such a convenience to go through just under an hour. Lord Fredrick Leighton lived in this museum alone in the mid 1860s. He lived and worked in the house most of his life until his death in 1896. He was the son of a doctor, he had been brought up abroad,

Praha; My start to 2017

If I ever go away in winter, it’s me seeking some winter sun, like when I visited Olhao in the Algarve in Jan 2015 or Florida in 2014. You wouldn’t argue it makes sense to be in the sun when it’s cold in Britain. I thought of being brave and decided to try winter tourism this year. I say brave, because I am challenging myself to do things I have been unable to do for whatever reasons I feel limited to do. I have a health condition called sickle cell anemia which on a normal day doesn’t sit well with me being in contact with any extreme cold weather. It can be dire. However, I did it – strength, practicality and faith! It was biting chilly, crazy misty and finger and feet numbingly-cold! Minu

She could have been a centenarian

Dancing cheek to cheek, I am dreaming a little dream of you, I get a kick out of you, because I am sailing over a paper moon, because it wouldn’t be make-believe if I believed in you. Celebrating one my music legends, the Queen of Jazz, my beautiful Ella Fitzgerald who eternally fascinates me with her voice.

Longleat; a highlight of June 2017

What a beautiful weekend at Longleat with some of the most beautiful animals in the world, a safari of all sorts of cats and birds, a well kept land of conservation, crazy land mass, a taste of exotic English Heritage, mingling with the Aristocrats who own this mind blowing estate, lots of education on 17th C history and the legacies of the Viscounts, food stalls and Nadia, the chef in the building, the sophistication of Lady Emma’s exclusive afternoon tea and that fab vintage china tea set, touring Lord Bath’s castle and more importantly enjoying time with the lovely Carol who was treating me to a belated birthday treat. I have to mention that one of my highlights was when the beautiful Vis

The Maltese Window

This week, I was at work when my ex brought to my attention, news that the famous Azure Window otherwise known as Tieqa tad- Dwerjra in Malta collapsed after heavy storms. We visited Malta together. It must have been our first jaunt as a couple. There were no digital phones then so the quality of pictures that created memories for me in Malta was taken on a Nokia phone as we didn't have these caliber of iPhones of modern times. The limestone arch near Dwejra Bay on Gozo, an island in the Maltese archipelago, is one of the most recognisable locations in Europe and the world. Popularly known to have featured in the HBO television series Games of Thrones and been notorious as a cliff-jumping lo

My Canadian Affair

So I flew with BA from T3 to JFK, New York. I had a connecting flight with American Airlines from La Guardia Airport to Toronto, seeing as that was the cheaper option; by a good £350. I arrived JFK on time. However, had a 5 hour layover in NYC so decided to take the shuttle which drives through the city for some sight-seeing as opposed to my original plan of a yellow cab straight to the airport. It’s one of those ones where you think – do I take a chance and go into Manhattan and explore a bit of NYC or head straight to the airport so I don’t miss my flight to Toronto. I picked the sensible option. So with a little bit of sight seeing, I head to La Guardia ahead of my departure time and I wa

Mayfields Lavender Fields

From the City of London, to Banstead village, on a quiet summer Saturday. All I need in this life is me, my sister, some fresh coffee and brunch, well balanced in natural aromatherapy and a revel in an entirety of some 25 acres of organic English Lavender! Although I prefer lavender from the Provence... July 2017

When Cologne and Bad Neuanahr meet London

Because of my loyalist nature, I tend to fly British Airways. I am B.A girl. Unfortunately, there are some countries I haven't flown using B.A for whatever reasons. My flight path with BA should tell me how many miles I have spent on air. I think it's over a 100k equating to nearly around 1 week on air. Actually if you add up other airlines flown, may be slightly more. So with around God-knows-how-many air miles I have acquired having travelled to around 30 countries in my adult life, I thought I could use some of the mileage to fly to Germany. I was broke in October after lots of shopping for my brother's wedding. You would think? BA was utterly ridiculous with the cost of flights to Colog

Saturdays are for Shakespeare

At Marylebone station, just after coffee and breakfast at Patisserie Valerie, we board the train on platform B, heading towards Birmingham. At around 11.13, we change platforms at Dorrige for the London midland train to Stratford Upon Avon. A very convenient train ride I thought, seeing as it bought my sister and I quality time to catch up and gossip about everything. Moments like that can be very difficult to achieve with this crazy general addiction to phones, gadgets, tv and a very busy life we all have.
We FaceTime her kids and I end up speaking briefly to my cute niece, nephew and my mum not without noticing the imp seated opposite me who wouldn't leave me any leg room and thought he wo

The Mad Man

Fingers point at him Children laugh at him Spotted on a spot He looks tattered and haggard He is crazy He is insane He says to himself, “No I am sane” Looking at everyone He thinks “they are all mad” There is mutual ridicule He knows there is an existence of discontinuity He knows there is an exhibition of false cues He understands his disorder cannot be masked He seats in the market square yelling Speaking incoherently, with huge distortions Gazing hard at his subjects He seeks for vulnerability in their eyes To assault impulsively With marvel, the climate, he disregards They all stare at him He is misguided Pathological reasoning undetected Realisations of his society’s norms are gone Even


Look at my thumbnails See the sea gulls I have an aquarium of beauty They have an affinity of reasons I love these dynamics Spell out those names They hate the winters cold and dark nights I recognise a season of love Heart and pulse races In my nudity and thoroughness For my episodes and presentations My judge cannot protect me They throw spasms of reluctance Absurdity surrounds birth Music, she says must continue I hold my charm bracelet I watched the doctor spank the newly born baby Grandfather clock rings from its profile Time definitely of the essence Lights and accessories in contrasts Blasphemies in his heart of hearts In actuality our lives flash in our eyes She

Everything after Midnight

Friday after midnight I anticipated outright With you, I could bet Its never set Burning rage Flaming groins Impelling passions I wake feeling almost oblivious of who I am The nudist in me, naked With traces of pre-cum Or was it cum? Tattooed on my thighs Wondering how intense sex was last night As you flipped me like a doll Positions leading the rhythm Stop! I mutter It gets wilder Stop! It's raging We flutter Our bodies warm As my breasts stroke your deadbeat chest My pussy leaking uncontrollably Your cock on fuck My walls shaken by the thrusts Behind Beside By hand Your words of pleasure 'Oh shit' as they echo quietly With deep insertions of penetratin

London's Charming Winter Nights

Don't you just love this city? Look at the view of beaut Westminster Bridge, as Big Ben lay tall, elegant and well lit, standing over the phenomenal Parliament edifice. You have to appreciate views like this. I was intrigued. Oh btw, London has been voted and awarded the greatest city in the world...beating New York and Paris to it. Photo credit ; June Okochi December 2016

Marrakech City of Morocco

As-salamu alaykum, we were greeted by most locals. Then coming from more locals was also ‘Bonjour, C’est bon’? Oh, the dichotomy… Day 1 BA Flight was for 9:45am. Woke at 4.30am. Was grouchy as hell but was excited. Met Carol at Victoria Station. Got the Gatwick Express. After changing currency to Moroccan Dirhams, we head to Boots to pick up mini travel essentials. I have an ‘Airport Angel’ card. Seeing as we had some time in our hands to play with, we head to the Aspire Executive Lounge for breakfast and then board (on schedule)! We arrived Marrakech just under 13:00hrs. Its 21 degrees. Seems like... Border security was tight. It was crazy. We had to complete the Cadre reserve a' l' Admini

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