Burberry ‘Here We Are’ Exhibition, September 2017

Here We Are’ at Old Sessions House, London On 1st October, mum's birthday...I call Carol asking her to meet me at Farringdon to head to the Old Sessions House. It was the first time the Old Sessions House was open to the public since its restoration. Introducing the new exhibition of British photography to celebrate the Burberry September 2017 collection, we graced our way to the City to soak it all in. Curated by Christopher Bailey and Lucy Moore, co-curated by Alasdair McLellan. The exhibition brings together the work of over 30 of the 20th century’s social and documentary photographers, including never-before-seen prints by Shirley Baker and Ken Russell. It was a lovely weekend well sp

The 'housekeeping' of friendships

Being a raving slut, (sorry I mean extrovert) has always been one of my predominant innate features. Easy to talk to, friendly, kind, warm and polite. When I evaluated this later in life, I realised I was actually a bit of a people pleaser and actually an introvert with excellent extrovert skills. People have a tough time believing I am shy and dislike attention. I get embarrassed from any sort of attention but I do my best to suppress the awkward look of 'cringe' when I have to. I then become coy and friendly in the bid to hide this feature. You see friendships are based on choice. You choose to be friends with a person. It’s different from being a sibling to someone or a parent to a child.

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