Enda Walsh’s ‘Rooms’ At the Barbican

I booked to go to this one alone and have just spent 2 hrs after work at the Barbican.

It’s been fascinating to experience for the very first time, a poetic series of 5 rooms delivered in the context of theatre. The 5 rooms consisted of a kitchen, a hotel room, an office room, 33a, a girl’s room and a bathroom.

In all 5, were accounts of poetic (and prosaic) series of the 5 characters. Our theatre host would confine the 6 of us in each room as we listened to voices of solitude, loneliness, accounts of day to day stories, and proses of life. The production was basically an immersive theatre installation of sound, light and darkness. This creative was developed by Enda Walsh and narrated by some of Ireland’s most distinct voices – Niall Buggy, Charlie Murphy, Donal O’Kelly, Paul Reid and Eileen Walsh. According to the Barbican, this is the first time that Enda Walsh’s five short stories to date are presented together as one performance. Unrelated, yet all springing from the loneliness experienced by ordinary people, they take on a quiet poetic force through remarkable storytelling, punctuated by stark lighting and sound. Contemplative, atmospheric and sure to stay with you long after you’ve emerged.

As National Poetry Month is celebrated in April, seems very timely to treat one’s self to some good old art and poetry. #myartistdate #feedingmycreativeenergy