Martell Cognac; Spring Sensations

In April 2017, my friend invited me to the Sea Containers, formerly Mondrian Hotel in Southbank, London for dinner. As I finished off my desert and my last gulp of wine, I was approached by a member of staff who told me that there was a Cognac Masterclass including a tasting session upstairs. I told him I was keen but he managed to convince me and subsequently handed me a keycard to the suite where the event was taking place.

I went up to the hotel suite and was welcomed warmly. After a show round the various sample flavours, the bar, and some great collections, I relaxed to enjoy a few tasting shots with some quality macaroons.

Life is about experiences especially when spontaneity leads. It was a fine free experience and VIP treatment of Martell Cognac by Le French at the Martell Suite.

I parted with 3 give away gift sets of Martell Cognac and Parisian quality macaroons- I gave one to a friend, one to Neil and kept one.