At London's El Street

I smiled

Shook my head

My air full of euphoria

Sat the exact spot on the tube

Where an exchange was graced to a well smooth cube

In endurance,

Like dejavu

Gazing back into time

A day before Friday

Thinking behind my head

Smiling before my heart

As realism slaps my face off delusion

But still spot a sparkle

People in their work wear turn their heads
 towards that spot

As I pinged this little piece

On my little iPhone keys

Heading to meet precisely the same subject

Heading from when we met

For the same purposes

As I chuckled

Well almost

I wonder at 3:55pm somewhere at L. St

Where the world throws him

While I sketch that chart

Of where I think he be

Or where I glide

My eyes look up

As to be conscious of not been oblivious

A little girl with her dad smiles at me

I smile at her

Dropping my head towards this

Imagining how I walked into his space

Amazed at how he won me

With my hair wrapped like a dame from the 70’s

Wearing my Chanel fragrance

On a typical July summer day

Frustrated at the stale smell of sweaty bodies

The central line's cramped carriage

Coupled with inclinations of fatigue

Yet he was in a different space

And maybe a focused pace
Identified as such a lace

Not even

He stares at me silently

He speaks to me

In uncertainties
, I smiled but ultimately inclined

Not understanding where

But knowing we float about a meadow

And truly in no trance

Was a delicacy of chance

It became as real as the world could be

As unpredictable as having four seasons in a week

What we feel in our hearts

Aligns with emotions and clock ticks

I wish to hold on something new as this

Gently kiss your insides

As I remain shut in your arms

My world will change

I pray this beauty never dwindles...

For Tai x

#poetry #poemsontheunderground