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San Marino; Italy’s little hidden gem

One of the things I enjoy about travelling is meeting people. ................. I and the girls ran to our coaches when we were told we were on the wrong side of the train. We could have easily missed our train by 5 seconds.

When I run, I laugh. It’s a thing. Because I feel I look stupid running 😆 But it was even funnier watching Carol and Mica run and as I write this, I am still laughing. Everyone clutching at the same time to their wigs, bags, maxi dresses, sunglasses just to make it to that carriage we where we were assigned seats. Anyway we boarded our train (thankfully) from Bologna to Rimini, panting and laughing hysterically. Make up relativity in tact. We sat right opposite these two good looking young men. As Mica was sorting out her paraphernalia, one of them developed spatial awareness and opened up the train tables to allow Mica spread out. LOL It made me smile and I thought he was kind. So I decided to strike conversation, afterall it was going to be an hour or so before we got to Rimini. I asked what his accent was and he asked me to guess. A little flirtatious I thought...

Well, I breathe flirtation so welcome to my world. After my second attempt at guessing his heritage, I got it. I said German. He said I was close. I said Austrian? He high fived me! He was Venetian but with strong roots to Rimini. His mate, born and bred Sammarinese. What a bloody co-incidence that we were headed to the hometowns of these guys. They were headed back to Rimini after a concert watching Bey and Jay in Rome. Music lovers. One was a DJ. Anyway basically, we talked about everything from sports, to culture, music, international politics, travel, everything - until we got to Rimini. We laughed a lot as well. They gave us travel tips of some great local places to eat and visit. I never like to be around tourists. It’s why i think it’s great to speak to the locals and find out what the best non-tourists infiltrated spots are. So we said our goodbyes, thanked them for being such great company and exchanged contact details. Wait- not without a selfie for the memories. And that’s how we made new friends.

Its not San Marino, California. But here we were, up in the mountains and the land of clifftop citadels. A little country surrounded by Italy. Our little enigmatic mystery turned to a beautiful day enjoying the breathtaking countryside views and the coastal lines of the Adriatic Sea, lunching over great pizza and wine with the girls, wandering around the small hill top villages, the medieval walled old town, the castles and fortresses. We couldn’t resist the concept of the Museum of Torture and of course some duty free shopping - leather bags! Why not? But what was flattering is the constant flirtation of the locals with these 3 black British ladies. San Marino loved us and we took it all in. #girlstrip

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