London’s Geffrye; Musee' of the Home

May 15, 2018




Yesterday morning I arrived Hoxton super early for a meeting and I thought I could go have coffee at Geffrye’s one of my favourite London museums.

I am obsessed with home decor anyway.

I scrolled through my phone on the train, recollecting I had this single photograph I never deleted. It was taken 6 years ago outside Geffrye’s.

This beautiful 18th C almshouses (turned Museum of the Home) built in 1714 by Sir Robert Geffrye exhibits English middle class homes and home life dating from 1600.

Varying from a hybrid of homespun Elizabethan, romanticist Edwardian
Linking back to vintage Georgian, aesthetic Victorian
And of course to more recent 21st C modern contemporary home furnishings.

One cannot underestimate how gorgeous this musee is.

Everytime I visit, I finish the tour of the museum with a walk round the walled herb garden.

But yesterday I couldn’t get in.

It’s been closed since January.

I was told It’s being refurbished for an £18m redevelopment.

A member of staff told me it’s a major piece of work. Well, of course it is.

18m quid?

I hope it doesn’t lose its originality. Preservation is a beautiful thing.

I think a very few scheduled tours may be available.

The museum will be re-open to the public in 2020.

As the garden was accessible, I ended up having a little wander- the morning was glorious anyway.

I then resorted to go sit in one of ‘dem’ trendy French chic cafes in Hoxton for a lovely cafe au lait.

Photographs still emain my personal process to revisit remarkable past memories. 




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