Spring and its seasonal highlights; Kew Gardens

It was exactly a week ago, we walked into the Princess of Wales Conservatory.

Look at what we were surrounded with.

Colour, warmth, tropical gardens, history of 21st century horticulturists, modern plant hunters, poison frogs in aquariums and man made exhibition of orchids.

I even giggled in the Palm house when I saw the African Palm Tree that produces palm oil. My mouth watered for home made Nigerian food, cooked with fresh palm oil.

We hopped on the train from West Hampstead. We, being my cousin, brother and I.
It took us 2 hours door to door to get there.

As part of my improvement to a healthier and improved wellbeing, I had decided to be more in contact with nature. Notwithstanding, it was also the last day of the Annual Orchids Festival and it's grand exhibition.

A Sunday in Spring...

Several discoveries of history in this exotic place of serenity.

Kew Gardens.

After a quick wander in Kew Village, and some hot chocolate and lemon cake slice in the garden's cafe, my stroll around Kew Gardens had me. I couldn't stop staring at the early daffodils. The first heralds of spring.

300 acres with over 300000 species of flowers and plants, you are left with no option but to connect to nature's green earth. I didn't connect. I immersed.

The clean fresh air, open green space, the geese, the peacocks, the temples, low steep hills, the Palm house, the grass gardens, the pigeons, the magnolias, the daffodils, into the treetop walkway, the fresh clear water fountains, wildlife and everything that identifies and is reflective of nature is Kew.

The greatest preservation and the largest collection of botanical gardens in the world, has to be one of many earth's gifts of beauty that I can honestly remain grateful for and celebratory to. 

The orchids celebrated the breadth and beauty of the Brazilian Flora. The skies were not blue, they were grey. The gallery represented layers of color, life and beauty. It instantly submersed this English's gloomy, rainy and cold start to the day.

But as the season is very typical of England's volatile weather, it wasn't very long until Kew Gardens saw the skies clear up rather quickly and the sun rays shone on the orchids which lit up in intense colour.

Nature is artful
Kew Gardens is art, life.

A garden of magnificence. My fascination of natural beauty and cultural preservation
An escape to paradise in London city.
This natural healing to the mind and body
Sunday memories... 

13th March 2016