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Girls Go Gucci; a delightful florentine experience

This was our penultimate day in Tuscany after 6 nights of traveling around diverse Tuscan regions ranging from exploring the vineyards of Chianti, leaning to Pisa to see the iconic Leaning Tower, driving through Lucca, lodging in a gorgeous Tuscan villa in Siena and of course not without touring the ultimate, phenomenal city of Florence. So here we are in Florence after a day of wanderlust, soaking up the beauty of this wonderful city of art, romanticism and renaissance. Next door to the Uffizi Gallery is...Gucci. So the Girls Go Gucci! Speak about spontaneity.

We buy tickets and opt for a taste of florentine culture at the Gucci Garden Musee, strolling round the minimalist exhibition areas, window shopping at the exclusive boutique and, of course, a spot for a treat as we settle for dinner at their restaurant. I wanted so badly to be with my sister in the fashion garden. It’s her thing!

The restaurant’s lead chef Massimo Bottura is known to own the restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena, North of the country. It was named the best restaurant in the world in 2016. Bottura is one of Italy’s most Italian chefs, a maverick, inspired by Thelonious Monk, jazz legend and a childhood friend of Gucci’s CEO, Marco Bizzarri. Goes to show where one’s artistic inspiration can come from and the impact it can have on their creativity and business.

So with major collective holiday blues and not looking forward to returning to England, we had mutually agreed that our last dinner in Italy will be upmarket and what better way to do that other than at their exquisite green-walled 3- Michelin starred restaurant. So here we are in restaurant, Osteria. So we opt for sensational dishes ranging from creamy tortellinis and tongue dishes not without a perfect combination of one of Tuscan’s finest reds, the famous Brunello Di Montalcino wine. After dinner and wine tasting one day at the Chianti Vineyards watching the sunset, our appreciation and crave for Brunellos knew no bounds.

It was a well deserved thrill. Life is too short tbh. Anyway to be able to walk into Osteria and eat a 3 course meal without breaking our banks was surprisingly obvious that this was and could remain the only most affordable Michelin starred restaurant I may ever visit. I heart Tuscany #iaintnobrandtourist #butilikebeingkindtomyself #underthetuscansun

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