For Emma Lenden: An Ode to a Cornish Bird

August 31, 2018



Behind her smile lies courage
Underneath her strength is a journey unending 
Her love blooms 
Her soul dreamy
It’s the combination of her beauty and her wisdom that makes her so unassuming 
She is her own catalyst
Her energy, magnetic 
A desire for eternity in her world 
I loved “ A day in June”
It made me cry, you cried too.
Ours will be a day and forever
M will randomly text to say “I love you’
Her heart so genuine 
Her laughter infectious 
Her banter 
And this inclination to just be appropriately lewd 
Splashes bubbles of joy
An old soul 
Vintage girl
The romanticist 
She is Arty farty A.F (no pun intended)
Holds an empire of class 
A measure of wit
Ambition unlimited 
Non conformist M
A girl after my own heart
My friendship with you is a true love story. 
Thank you for being in my world.
Everything about you is pure art.
I love you M, my peach of a girl.
Everyone does.
Happy Birthday you sexy Cornish piskie x

Eternally Yours
Your bitch from another witch

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