The Appearance of Things

Wednesday evening, 18th April

So 2 weeks ago I got an email invitation to a Private View and artist talk by Jocelyn Lee, ‘

’. I had invited Emma my peach of a girl who loves art but she lives far away from London and couldn't attend so I asked my partner to come with me.

The exhibition started on 18th April and would hold for a month.

It was held in one of my favorite London art galleries; Huxley Parlor, Mayfair.

The former New Yorker, Lee left Manhattan to live in Maine, New England where her quest to capture objects and subjects in portraits, still lives and landscapes became a reality surrounded by nature.

Champagne reception followed. How civilized, I thought.

I whispered to Neil how I would like to visit Vermont after my friend Dilek had visited a couple of years ago and told me how brilliant it was.

But I digress...

Lee’s work is driven by existential themes of sexuality, family, death and ageing. Throughout her career, she has utilised portraiture of the female form as a tool to explore the tactile qualities of the living world. Her richly descriptive colour works emphasise the tonal and textural richness of foliage, fabrics and flesh.

As we stood behind the seated audience listening to her interview conversation with Catherine Troiano, Assistant Curator of Photographs at the Victoria and Albert Museum, which I considered quite refreshing and an education, I wondered what better way to spend the evening after work on a lovely sunny day in an intimate London gallery surrounded by photographic art and champagne.