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My buh's birthday in the Balkans turned baecataion

Do you recall that afternoon at the Fisherman’s Pub, when you said I was like a little beaming child when I eat seafood.

As if it wasn’t all we did most evenings, when we tucked into those Dalmatian dishes of sea food platters and Swiss chards.

The overload of the sea bream/ bass, fresh oysters, mussels, squids, lobsters, calamari and my favorite, octopus!

I often felt my ovaries contracting…

But of course, being the wine enthusiast I am, we couldn’t resist the combination of those passions on our taste buds with fresh local Croatian wines ranging from vineyards and wine tasting hills in regions of Slovenia and Bosnia.

Later that evening, we return to dine at what became my favorite Dalmatian restaurant ‘Komin’ off the Lopad, a couple of metres off the promenade.

The promenade formed those terrific coastal scenic views of the terraces and balconies of our hotel, one of a chain of 5.

But just one, one of the most beautiful things was to have a lie in, wake up on Thursday at 10 after a long drive the previous day to Montenegro when we walked those pretty maze-like medieval towns and eventually ended up visiting the Kotor Bay and town of Budva.

Tea by the harbor was also sunshine, overlooking the twin islands and the mountains as we watched the variety of sail boats and the yachts docked away in calm waters.

At 10:15, we hurriedly go down for some breakfast, come back to freshen up for what was going to be a great day in the old town of Dubrovnik walking the ancient walls and a tour round the Korcula island but wait buh, not before we cheer to our lives, love, beautiful birthdays, friendship, strength, laughter, overcoming difficult moments but ultimately, hope for a happier eternity with each other.

And that cheer couldn’t have been more special with my special Fortnum and Mason champagne collection reserved specially for days like this in the Balkans, overlooking the Adriatic Sea with you, my dream.

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