The 'Purple' Legend And All Colours Great

10 years after his ‘21 nights’, fragments of his legacy are being exhibited in the same place he was staged...

The O2 Arena, London.

I spent the morning with my buh exploring this man's legendary.

The one and only PRINCE!

It’s been a great opportunity today to see everything this legend represented in one space and even better, to behold the ‘Purple Taylor’ guitar he performed with at the ‘Prince MTV Unpluged’

(YouTube it)

It was moving, poignant, incredibly phenomenal, and an eye opener to absolute legendary. There were tears, sing-alongs, laughter and there was dance.

A really amazing highlight to spend the last day of 2017 and of course with my buh 😍 who has been lucky to see him four times.

Where was I when PRINCE was alive. I cannot believe I never had the opportunity to see him perform but i am grateful for today and for his family to bring life to his legacy by exhibiting not just in London but parts of Europe.

One day I hope the universe provides us an opportunity to visit Paisley Park...

Live on PRINCE of our hearts 💜💜

We will keep loving you

Written December 2017