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The Maltese Window

This week, I was at work when my ex brought to my attention, news that the famous Azure Window otherwise known as Tieqa tad- Dwerjra in Malta collapsed after heavy storms.

We visited Malta together. It must have been our first jaunt as a couple.

There were no digital phones then so the quality of pictures that created memories for me in Malta was taken on a Nokia phone as we didn't have these caliber of iPhones of modern times.

The limestone arch near Dwejra Bay on Gozo, an island in the Maltese archipelago, is one of the most recognisable locations in Europe and the world.

Popularly known to have featured in the HBO television series Games of Thrones and been notorious as a cliff-jumping location.

I was genuinely sad to hear this monumental natural creation was no more. However, there was nostalgia as I was feeling relatively content that I was able to experience it before the collapse.

When I said, how could they let this happen?

My ex's response was...

"Sadly it's inevitable. The same geological processes that made it were always going to be the processes to destroy it.Damn shame though".

So later that evening, after watching the news first hand and learning of the collapse, it made me reminisce about my travels to Malta. Malta was the first country in Southern Europe I visited many years ago.

I felt an immediate type of peace when I arrived Gozo. It was quiet. Not many tourists. Malta had a very high elderly population who had left Britain mainly because of the warm climate most of the year round, to retire there. This meant the housing industry thrived because of British pensioners settling and buying out there. There were many expats as well working in Malta.

When we arrived our resort, the aura suddenly put me from rat race/ robot girl mode into relaxation mode. Walking the beautiful beaches, feeling the sunlight on my face, experiencing the Roman ruins, some 2nd world war derelicts, typical European style cathedrals and temples seeing the Calypso cave, horse ridding, going on the Gozo ferry to the other side of the island, having a bus tour of Valletta city, eating lots of tapas and sea food, eating Maltese cake and tea at the local's favorite patisserie - a magical place called Fontanella, visited the natural museum of history, saw the Knights of Malta, and generally just wanderlusting, were all of the beautiful engraved memories I took with me from this beautiful island.

Malta was dreamy!

I will miss the window and will visit Malta again soon.

Nature is a beautiful thing, it creates and destroys.

Experiences are what forms memories when reality has ceased to exist...

Written march 2017

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