Colour Photographs: 1977-1988

Yesterday, I matched to Mayfair to see an exhibition which popped up in my inbox a few weeks ago.

I was in need for a wee bit of art. So we went to the Beetles and Huxley art gallery in Mayfair to see the 'Colour Photographs' exhibition .

Ah, may I add that some of the finest places and things in London are free. It was free!

From Virginia, to Oregon, to Washington, Vermont, Texas, Connecticut, this is a look at the American photographer Joel Sternfeld's works 'Colour Photographs: 1977-1988' when Sternfeld jumped in a VW camper with his 8x10 inch camera and hit the road, aiming to capture a complex vision of America.

Some vintage dye transfer and chromogenic prints which combine excellent composition and beauty with an ironic, humorous and sometimes sinister portrayal of society. Sternfeld says "The reason that I'm showing this work now is that I remember feeling similar fears back then as I do now. If anything, there is an even stronger sense of apocalypse in the air today.”

It was brilliant...

We discovered Ralph Bar by Ralph Lauren and finished off the American culture with some fine cocktails before heading to the Ivy Brasserie in Kensington for dinner to become British again.

Here are some of Joel's works; some of which were made years when I was still toddling. Don't you just love the 80s?

Written in Feb 2017