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Florida's Waters

It's Sunday morning Dreamt of my walks on the silk beach sands of Neptune I wake up at Eleven A picture of my footsteps on these sands seem uneven Looking on Wondering what's at the other end of these waters An instant recollection of one of my fave tracks by Stone Mecca 'A walk' I love that song My sense of admiration of this place had almost had enough Wishing I had my iPod I hum the chorus almost loud in my head A little smile at myself as I snap my fingers to the unsung rhythm He gazes at me from a long distance across the shore I look up feeling the rays of sun hit my face I realise the depths of my my dips The soothing warmth of these waters I am wet from calves to feet A moment of distraction from my bliss of peace I only hear the waves and his thoughts It's quiet, calm, beautiful The skies almost in hues of color between gold and blue As if in anticipated clarity We both walk in parallel directions towards the wooden beach house I feel a moment of epiphany Seated next to each other on the derelict steps of the porch We hold hands He takes my beach wicker hat off and puts it on I smile at him He winks Oh my little heart sinks We watch the waves go The sun set The skies camouflage He lifts my feet Dusts the residue of white sands off Puts my sandals back on We walk back south Down the path through the shack Drove Upstate Into a happy place One filled with people such as us A little whisper and smile again within Embellished in the pages of my heart's diaries I engraved: "I loved this escape All I needed was to be here forever" He gave me the picture I colored a 1000 words

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