Everything after Midnight

Friday after midnight I anticipated outright With you, I could bet

Its never set

Burning rage Flaming groins Impelling passions I wake feeling almost oblivious of who I am

The nudist in me, naked With traces of pre-cum Or was it cum?

Tattooed on my thighs Wondering how intense sex was last night

As you flipped me like a doll Positions leading the rhythm

Stop! I mutter It gets wilder Stop! It's raging We flutter

Our bodies warm As my breasts stroke your deadbeat chest My pussy leaking uncontrollably Your cock on fuck My walls shaken by the thrusts

Behind Beside By hand Your words of pleasure 'Oh shit' as they echo quietly With deep insertions of penetrating jazz.

It was 4.24 We staggered in drunk Tongues and tongue Speaking in tongues

5.30 My legs wrapped long around you Almost in-prisoned by my want.

This sexual fuck This cock as fuck This fuck of all fucks You, fuck! Fuck, stop! This epic fuck

A clumsiness of besieged orgasms We speak that common language A subdue of the climaxes To sustain 'the' climax This depiction of mutual intelligence To sustain the funnel of pleasure

6.30 It's kinda cliche' Just do it Because it's horny as fuck

6.45 Because we had one, too many drinks Can you explain this denial Sustain this inhibitions?

7.00 A derail of broken chemistry

7.03 Restored from 'feelings' to fuck

7.10 You are officially my best fuck!

7.47 The door opens and shuts.

7.59 I am left with content And the residue of your warmth After glow, under my white sheets.


Saturday morning, I whip up the pancakes and some fresh coffee While in lieu of my next orgasm...

Written December 2016