Alarm sounds twice only by a minute Eyes wide shut Body rising Setting off Voice at Bethnal Green Station Drives me mad with laughter My incessant crave for coffee and muffins Password logins Same TV series on Channel 4 Constant meet with the lady at the bus stop Mum’s call goes on voicemail Never see cash in my wallet Triple occurrence of entries while hovering I trip at the same spot

Cell phone rings from my object of affection Everything I do on the PC He mentions exact same thing as another Thoughts battle As ambitions rattle Modifications of a routine Daily conscious experiences Or interpretations of repetitive occurrences I have already seen all these to last me a lifetime I am not deluded It’s not illusory What do I call them?

Dejavu media

Dejavu thoughts Dejavu triggered sights Dejavu occurrences Dejavu mornings Compelled to say As my senses seemingly think Routine and dejavu Could be just a definition Quite similar by the skin of my teeth I know its an explicit familiarity One of unending weird occurrences All as a result of routinely habits And a regression of my supposed psyche I kissed my teeth