A gallery of my desires

My obscure object of desire fades As my Taxi approaches Heathrow T5 The signs I see are only the edifices I leave just before I acquire air mileage Yesterday I told you, you could be a world just born in mine With my initials signed and two xx's This one whom my knees are roughed to possess One I long to kiss from a rose Whilst I imagine his lady's potential doom To one possibility of having my best Summer's most Mahican flowers on full bloom I am enchanted I find this Irish soul appliquéd, embroidered and embellished on this season's own diatribes My heart supplies doses of a future path And whilst I day dream I feel even more fulfilled With little to muster I posses unkind thoughts I posses daft imaginations My sexual fantasies of him diffuse me My convictions are senseless But I lean against the wall With my head bowed Of what I think I know Him, the man who is about 6ft 3 Grey haired but beautifully semetrical as George Clooney An accent unplaceable A demeanor of substance A beaut soul Of which Gravity has made my bloody soul attracted Is the one I besiege I will always be June And one predominant feature is to write this I like him and whether fate has other plans This was love at first sight A soul mate attraction is what this process has made be I choose him His intimacy A revelation of his truth To tear down his walls A coming together of souls