The American and the Eternal City

February 11, 2018

I met KC H Friday night
I thought he liked my friend...
Saturday evening, the penultimate day...
We went for one drink
Cabbed to the most sensational garden I have ever walked into
It was magnificent
I was intrigued at how sensational this was
He kissed me, I melted to ice
It was beautifully serene as he held me

We talked about our past, growing up and our future

We walked the Spanish steps
He could have carried me through
I said no
I wanted him to come away with me
We walked back to his hotel room
I soaked in a moment - one full action and inaction
The moment of truth but I walked away
I left sadly alone to my hotel room next to the Vatican

Feeling secure, yet invalidated by my desires
Thinking how real this could have got
I could easily love this man


Sunday, Sunrise
He meets me for breakfast
Reception rings to say "your guest is here for breakfast"
I didn’t have any appointments - I knew no one in Italy

No one in Rome
Couldn't wait to have this breath of fresh air behold my sight
He could see it written all over my face

At noon
We are in the presence of the Holy See at the Vatican
My feet crossed across his



In what seemed like a beautiful summer day
We received his Latin blessings

Had brunch at 'Ginger'
I smiled at him so sweetly

My heart slowly gave in to him

I sadly return to England, don't know why stay was inevitable at this time
He sees me off to airport

Tells me how much he will miss me and a need to visit London

Catching tear drops in my hand
A lump in my throat as I kissed him goodbye in the taxi
He would be in my mind for a long time
Driving down the road to the airport
I felt sorry for myself for what I loved but could potentially not have
And more tears flowed down my eyes...
Feeling so empty and deflated
Feeling like a little girl who had lost her sense of belonging


I adored him
Not one man has ever made me feel this way (well, so quickly)
It could have been false intent from his part
It could have been ordinary and meaningless
Well, I made it and framed it into a beautiful picture of love


We talked
Had got to know each other
I thought what we shared was a masterpiece. It’s still very much in my head. I made him fall for me

He made me feel all things sweetness 
I remember it too well.
Time went by quickly with him


I became emotionally paralysed
As he reminded me that I could perhaps love again
Well, maybe not love but I could share bonds of joy again
The Eternal city brought us together

As I wondered, why do things happen if there turned out to be zero possibilities?
Oblivious to him, he stole my heart
I thought about him all the way home
Whispered to myself that I wanted him to be mine
He seemed like my expectations of a perfect man


It was a fucking fantasy


Distance it seems has created impossibility

Travel has dissed this hopeless romantic

I created this fucking problem

I am just sitting here waiting for that day of the uneventful
To hold my hands like that night
Kiss my lips
Make crazy love to me
Capture my heart and whisper to me saying "I have been thinking of you all the way"

And whilst I recognise how possible I could escape from my assortment of this (in words)
I also do embrace a reality that it now seems that I was destined to fall in love with a man I could never have

The nomad in both our DNAs


And again whilst I lay in an admiration of him, I form an elimination of this
But I do know what we shared in 3 days is enough to last
If tomorrow never comes
The man who shares the same name as my father and brother
The highlight of my trip to Rome
The one American yet to live in my heart forever x


Written Aug 2015

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