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Miami; my luxurious glittering party at Club Liv

Club Liv; Fontainebleau South Beach Miami; Home to celebrities and I bloody had no clue.

Facebook just reminded me!

3+ years already? I remember so vividly, we drove up from Jacksonville to Miami. Some crazy 6-7hrs. Think we must have hit the road at 8/9ish in the morning.

After a bit of chill out time in our hotel, we freshened up with an aim to hit the club.

C’mon now, you have to party hard in Miami. There was no disputing that in my mind.

Earlier that day, I had gone for some beach time in South Beach after food when I noticed the planes in the sky advertising a ‘big night’ in a club. I paid no attention to the detail until much later I was told the same club I had attended was the brand being promoted. I wondered about using planes and kites to advertise exotic parties in the U.S.

I had no clue how popular this club was until speaking to Stacey, and she was like “What!!, how did you guys get in, no one gets into that club not even people who have lived in the city since forever”.

So I highlighted that ignorance may be a good thing (sometimes). We got to the reception of the hotel, had a drink, headed to the doors of the club all barricaded with all these giant black male bouncers and mini gates.

There were lots of beautiful ladies (and a few men) waiting, begging to go in. Miami has so far been the only place in the world that made me drool in awe of how fucking beautiful most of the women are. Stunning all round and they barely wear anything.

So trying not to feel under-dressed in my jeans, black top and red heels, I approached one of the guys at the gates and said “Hey, sorry, is there a problem, can I be let in please?” and he lifted the rope tags and indicated we walk in. Everyone on the line was literally like “how did that happen”?

Went through to the door and basically we only realised there was no standard fee. Everyone pays random prices based on how the guy at the door feels. We ended up paying just under $400 which didn’t seem bad (only after I discovered this was a celebrity club).

The lady in the picture won’t stop at me. She was besotted. One would have thought she was gay but her husband was right there with us. She was basically flirting the whole time lol.

I asked her” are you flirting with me” in a very playful way and everyone burst into laughter. Really lovely American couple. They had flown in from New York.

They were lodging in the hotel and she was blown away that I was visiting from London. She had never been. Americans don’t travel much, do they?

So we went in and danced our lives away. Of course a glass of wine cost like 5billion£ so I decided to sip on my large glass of wine very slowly. Couldn’t understand the value of paying more in a club when I could walk to a nice bar next door and have a good nice bottle of wine in a quieter place where no one is screaming, music is subtle and the lights are not fucking with my retina.

So bloody expensive, Miami. Everything is overpriced for no reason.

Anyway, days when things like this tripped me are over. Nothing beats quiet bars and hidden gems for me. I love dancing so I will always love the odd clubbing with my crew. But clubbing in Miami has been one of my top travel experiences.

I kinda like the concept of Facebook memory reminders.

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