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Saturdays are for Shakespeare

At Marylebone station, just after coffee and breakfast at Patisserie Valerie, we board the train on platform B, heading towards Birmingham.

At around 11.13, we change platforms at Dorrige for the London midland train to Stratford Upon Avon. A very convenient train ride I thought, seeing as it bought my sister and I quality time to catch up and gossip about everything.

Moments like that can be very difficult to achieve with this crazy general addiction to phones, gadgets, tv and a very busy life we all have.
We FaceTime her kids and I end up speaking briefly to my cute niece, nephew and my mum not without noticing the imp seated opposite me who wouldn't leave me any leg room and thought he would spread his legs and intimidate me to coil into terror on my seat. I stamped his feet and said sorry.

Arrived SUA at approximately 11.40. Wandered around the old town and explored the vintage shops. We bought books from the Blue Cross charity store.

I got travel books and my sister got my niece, more books!!
We head to Shakespeare's birthplace on Henley street where we had a deserving tour of the world's greatest literary icon's home and family heritage.

What a beautiful experience and an honor to visit William Shakespeare's home. A legend whose works I buried my brain deep and endlessly for years studying and trying to figure it all whilst in university.

We do the entire home and galleries. It was absolutely rewarding and refreshing.

We head to a restaurant in the old town square area for light lunch. I had a lentil and carrot soup served with some bread and some peppermint tea. My sister had chicken and chips and a cappuccino. Don't ask me about the combination of flavors stemming from my meal.
We walked to the well renowned butterfly farm taking in the breathtaking scenic vie