Apparently I inspire future doctors

A year ago I was invited to speak to 1st year medical students at the Bloomsbury Campus about sickle cell. Few weeks ago, UCL invited me as a visitor again to speak to 2nd year students at the Whittington Campus. (Hmm I have being promoted from 1st to 2nd years 😄) I recall the awkward silence when I entered the room. It was so awkward and I could tell they were all unsure about how this will go down. I smiled at them, put my glass of water down and said “Oh wow, you guys need to chill out, it feels like a ghost just walked in” and they all cracked up and eased up into conversation 😀 I went with one of the young people I mentor, a young ambitious 21 year old lady who is simply climbing greater heights regardless of her challenges. She had her own class, she did it and she loved it. I believe in catching them when they are young, the young aspiring doctors and the young ones living with the condition with hopes that the future doctors begin to really understand the depth of this condition and those living with it can navigate through life better with a decent quality of life. And that for me is a legacy I hope I can imbibe in my small corner of this world. Earlier last week, I got this letter 

in the post. It was worth everything.  

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