Looking through my Facebook Timeline this evening after a crazy 2nd day at work, I came across this travel piece by the Telegraph.

|The world's best countries to visit - Travel

Honestly, it has left me feeling very proud and even more content with my life at the moment.

The opportunity and honour to see some of the most beautiful countries in the world is the greatest gift I have given myself.

Travel is a means of investment and wealth in my life. It's my continuous education process after leaving the world of academia.

Travel stems from my hunger to know, learn, see the world through other people's eyes and cultures. Travel is my acquisition of knowledge, a source of my tolerance and acceptance of human beings. Travel helps me form levels of emotional intelligence, with depths of self-awareness which helps me learn a lot about myself.

Travel is what connects me to the many diverse people in this urban city of London that I do love. Travel helps me make deep meaningful conversations with friends from all over the world, cab drivers, waiters, colleagues, neighbours. It's what connects me to the souls of other people.

I am unenthused about the weather and about how my lemon muffins turned out shitty because I put too much butter in the mixture. I shouldn't be caught dead having conversations as mediocre as a baking disaster or something as lousy as that. I am misanthropic when it comes to having social conversations, People bore the shit out of me.

But I am not too serious btw. Life is about always finding that delicate balance.

Meaningful conversations is what draws me to engage in a genuine way with humans. I am certainly a sapiosexual.

There is a Moorish proverb that says something like...

he who doesn't travel does not know the value of men and the world.

I absolutely am in utter agreement with the list especially of (the 12) I have visited and I am sure the other 8 will be fabulous as some of the remainder 8 are on my bucket list.

The 12 on this list are:




United Kingdom

United States








I haven't explored Asia very much so will be my focus over the next couple of years especially as I am going into my mid-30s and approaching 40.

I am hoping to have covered most of South/Far East Asia by the time I am 40.

6 years from now! No pressure!

However, I must add that I do know more beautiful countries in the world that aren't listed on the article. No one has talked about countries in the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean Islands or South America.

A lot of these ratings tend to be vey subjective in most instances if we are being honest.

Anyway, ultimately, I am pleased that France, my favourite country in the world is listed (spot on!) and of course the U.K., country of my birth and home.

Here is a quote I love...

"To move, to breathe, to fly, to float; to gain all while you give; to roam the roads of lands remote; to travel is to live.” ― Hans Christian Andersen

Written April 2017

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