seasons of a wandering heart

From Spring to Winter, course your path across the yearly interval and meet visitors such as love, pain, wonder and friendship. Wander, and wonder with eyes and heart wide open.

memoirs of the other side

A post modernist, contemporary & captivating piece of work. Its style is very prosaic with a free verse pattern.

days of desire

Anthology of modern poetry and prose with featured illustrations of visual art, serializing poetic insights of love, lust, infatuation, and pain.

portraits of pain

Mine and and other’s stories of living with our genetic condition through visual imagery.

Desires (spoken word)

The series is produced by Mista Books who strung my words to harmonies. I took my words and art to the genre of music.

fit to achieve

To assist people living with Sickle Cell Anemia in Nigeria to live a healthy life and achieve their full potential.


'Blue Animations' Taken from Days of desire
Sound by Mistabooks Visuals by Mark Ryan


'Trance' A collaboration with Luxi Rong

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