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Seasons change like memories. Swelling on a yearly cosmic tide.

Never free from change, we move like blood coursing through a body, pumped by a heart under the pressures of life and circumstance.

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“Memories of writing letters, poems and post cards as a little girl flood my heart. Whether it was asking Santa at Christmas for a list, flirting with words with a boy I admired in school or writing to my grand-father far away in the east of the countryside. It was an art form I loved, for the mundane reason that I was always filled with admiration at my handwriting”.

Portraits of Pain

I love telling stories. I write about my experiences of life, art, travel, culture, poetry. I even journal about living with my genetic condition.

But one day I decided it would be great to express in a different kind way. I wanted to tell mine and other’s stories of living with our genetic condition through visual imagery. [project]


spoken word

I am a poet, specializing in narrative poetry. Days of Desire is my debut transition from slam poetry to spoken word paired with music. The series is produced by Mista Books who strung my words to harmonies. I took my words and art to the genre of music.