A nomadic, restless, crazy, fun-free spirited, poetic, travel junkie (I certainly have the DRD4-7R gene), lover of great food, art, culture, and Roger Federer, Perfume enthusiast, a Francophile, romanticist, unassuming, dreamy, terribly flirtatious and incredibly elusive. I love new experiences and believe the greatest gift you can give yourself is self-development.

Lover of poetry specifically haiku. I am often in pursuit of ethical hedonism. Firm believer of just being kind to one's self and others. Here is a peek into some aspects of my life. I write about some of my experiences because I absolutely love the art of expression. Make no mistake to call me a blogger. I just keep diaries of my experiences.


Call it Journal Therapy or story telling if you absolutely have to 'label' it. I hate labels or being put in any sort of 'box'.

...born in London, raised by the world!